Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sometimes things just get away from you...

...and it's that much harder to get those things back.

I had this grand idea to start a nail blog. I LOVE nail polish. The only thing I love more than nail polish is reading nail blogs. What I lack is TIME---don't we all? I work six days a week, 12 hours per day. Yes, I work a 72-hour week. And I'm studying to get more IT Certifications as well as being a full-time student. Oh, and I trying to stay in shape, so somehow I need to make it to the gym and maybe even eat. Or sleep. And still fall in love every day with my fiance. And parent my children from 7000+ miles away. Did I mention that I work in Iraq? Yes, THAT Iraq. And although I polish my nails almost every day, and still buy the latest polishes, I just have not found the time to pull out my Nikon D90, tripod, light box, back drops---and take photos of my HAND! LOL, and then edit and crop and upload and post and find something intelligent to say. This is hard work.

But I love it so much, and I can make time for the things that I love. I hope.


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I am an unabashed lover of nail polish. I make no excuses for my flights of fancy over the latest colors and nail art trends. I know that the people who find this blog are probably just like me. I love gadgets, being somewhat of a nerd. I am a systems administrator that may get caught polishing my nails amongst the server racks. A geek-girl with a nail polish obsession---who would've thought it?
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