Sunday, December 19, 2010

I have had it! Time for some tough nail love...

I just broke a nail. Not just any nail, either. I broke the thumb nail on my left hand, and of course my left hand is the star of my nail photos. And the chip is big enough that I have to cut my nail(s) down. And I broke it down in the server room trying to get the faceplate off a server that I couldn't reboot remotely. I knew this was going to happen, because it happens EVERY time. I have to face the fact that although long nails are beautiful and showcase polish very well, my current length is just not conducive to my lifestyle. When I have to deal with all of this computer hardware my nails just get in the way. Honestly, I was more concerned about breaking a nail than why I went into the server room in the first place. As the ONLY woman around here, it has become somewhat of a joke that I "don't want to break a nail" and that just doesn't look or sound good. After I returned to the office one of the guys jokingly asked me if I'd broken a nail. And sad to say, I HAD! See what I mean? So, I've decided that I need to cut my nails down to a more manageable length. For my sanity. And for female IT professionals everywhere (LOL)!


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