Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back from vacation and ready to make some changes!

Hello dear readers! I am back form vacation and exhausted as usual. I have been spending the past few days contemplating the direction that I want to take with this blog. Design-wise, I'd like for it to be a bit brighter and more...whimsical. I am working on changing the layout and overall design as well as removing unneeded features. I am going for a more streamlined look with less clutter. I design and code about 75% of the elements so it takes me a while because I do have a day job that requires a lot of "attention". The changes will take some time, but all should be settled within the next two weeks. I am also working on how I should present my content, leaning towards a daily or weekly theme, so look forward to some exciting changes around here! I am committing myself to at least 10 posts a week, if not more, after I make much-needed changes.

In nail news, I've been wearing the SAME polish for weeks now. I am almost out of Nubar Arencia from the Venetian Glass Collection from wearing it so much. I really love the color, it reminds me of the summer that I am trying so desperately to hold on to. I have suffered some extreme ugliness on my right hand (nail breaks, cuticle roughness, dryness, etc), thank goodness that I never photograph it---but it has caused me to cut down my nails on my left hand. I can't wait to get back to polishing!

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