Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OPI - DS Extravagance

Hello!! Sometimes I worry so much about what I should post that I end up not posting at all. With all of the new collections and many "untrieds" that I have, I get bogged down with wondering what polish people want to see. Then what is supposed to fun turns into a task. So I've decided to do what I love best---just pick a polish that I love, post the pictures, and move on. Which brings me to this beauty:

Beautiful!! I cannot describe how hard is was to photo this color. DS Extravagance has gold, silver, pink, and maybe purple "holo" shimmer running through-out. The coverage was opaque with one coat and the pro brush was a dream to use. I kept staring at the brush like a loon, wishing that all of my polishes had a brush just like it. Life would be soooo much easier. I am getting much better with my application becauseI had no cleanup at all. Didn't have to use the acetone and brush, I am so proud of myself!


AllThingsNails! said...

I love this one! Out of all the DS's I own, I think this may just be my favorite. Looks awesome on you :)

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